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CeLL.BiZ International, CeLLPhone Repair Training Center.

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          Mobile Phone Training / Repair Solutions.

CellBiz International
Mentor Mr. Ronaldo Flores Cruz


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Looking for a career?
There is a growing demand for cellular phone repair. There are already 80 million cell phones in Philippines (and others countries also). The cellular industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and in Philippines the repair industry is a huge growth market. There are an increasing number of opportunities in the repair industry for people who have good understanding of how to repair phones and this course is designed to give you all the skills to put you on the road to a successful, financially-rewarding career.
Wanting to start your own business?
Until recently the repair of cell phones was undertaken only by the manufacturers. Opportunities now exist for entrepreneurial individuals to start their own lucrative businesses with your own stand-alone repair operation providing a service to subscribers, or to add a workshop to a cell phone shop to offer a repair service to other phone businesses in the area.
Already in the industry - Wanting to make job advancement?
If you are already in the industry you will find that learning how to repair phones will open up career opportunities that would otherwise be closed to you. Maybe you are a sales person who would like to become involved in the repair phones in order to enhance your status.

Cell Phone Repair Technician:
The job of a cell phone repair technician is to fix cellular phones. They are employed by cell phone shops and repair workshop. Some work independently from kiosks or caravans. Using a range of generally easily affordable tools a cell phone repair technicians can efficiently repair most common phone problems in a matter of minutes.
Included in the course is:

 * Pro-GTech vers 3.01 (Cd software only!)
 * Soldering iron suitable for working on electronic equipment.
 * General cell phone technician's tool kit.
 * Comprehensive training and reference manual.


     Mobile Phone Training / Repair Solutions.
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